Monday, September 19, 2005

Did you ever wonder where GeekGold comes from?

Most people don't know this, but until 1989, GeekGold actually had its exchange value pegged to the Ruble. Anticipating the decline of the Soviet Union, then GeekGold Reserve Chairman Derk Solko revalued the currency at a composite function of the value of the Deutschmark, the US Dollar, the Pound, and the current exchange rate of wood for sheep.

This remained stable through the restructuring in Europe and weathered the transition to the Euro, however the rise of the Internet caused the market to be overwhelmed with wild speculation over the value of sheep, dramatically destabilizing GeekGold. At this point, Derk stepped down as chairman of the Reserve, and Scott Alden took over. While this raised gamer confidence, there was still rampant GeekGold inflation. As the stock bubble collapsed, GeekGold stabilized in value, a bit worse for the wear.

Finally, in 2001, under pressure from the United Nations and Reiner Knizia, Scott allowed GeekGold to float freely relative to other world currencies. As of the close of business today, GeekGold is trading up against frequent flier miles, down against arcade game tokens, and flat relative to the US Dollar.

--Matthew Gray (mkgray)

Huh huh. He said "wood for sheep."
Scott -Pokey Pokey Pokey- Reed
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Posted on: 2005-09-17 10:54:34 CST

GeekGold comes from deep within the earth, mined by geekgnomes for generations. These wee men extract the gold from the solid rock with tiny picks in between their games of Euchre. The gold is loaded into carts and hauled to the surface by a series of ropes and pulleys, and makes its way to the refining plant, where it is melted and impurities are removed. This refined gold is then used to back an artificial currency market here on BGG, where shares of this bounty are passed out for contributions such as session reports, file uploads, pictures, and new games. Just remember, you can always go down to the office and demand your virtual "GeekGold" be turned into actual GeekGold, but the paperwork process is lengthy.


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