Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Plunder: Second Impression

I played Plunder again over lunch today and this time it was with some seasoned gamers. The number one big thing that we discovered was that the rules are just not clear enough as written. After the game I went and looked up all the information I could find on the Geek and sure enough, we botched quite a few rules either because I couldn't remember them correctly or because they just weren't spelled out clearly enough.

  1. If you have a prize ship and/or plunder and you enter a port where you can sell, you must sell.
  2. Enemy ships (and pirate ships) will attack you no matter what the strength of their cannon or crew. So if someone plays a ship on you and it's faster than you but its cannon and crew are lower than yours, you can elect to run from it, have it catch you, and then beat the snot out of it without having to play a single card.
  3. You can't get a Letter of Marquee from a nation unless that nation is at war. (This one is clearly stated in the rules but I missed it.) This means that you can't unload plunder anywhere but Tortuga unless nations have declared war.

I'll try and get in one more game of this tonight and hopefully I'll feel ready to write a real review.


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