Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Game Night Writeup

Well I must say that I’m not sure if I should be ashamed of myself or proud of Kray but I suppose I'd better take the high road and choose the latter. Kray did his old man proud tonight by playing a pretty darn good game of Age of Steam.

Kray and I arrived about an hour late to game night tonight. I probably should have worked even longer but I found myself needing to kick off a build at work so I wasn't going to be getting much done anyway until that finished. Besides, I'm going to be working late Wednesday AND Thursday (at least) so I don't feel all that guilty.

When we arrived most of the Seattle crowd was playing Money so Kray, Mike K., Oren, Tejas and I started up a game of Trias. I've had Trias opened but unpunched on my store room shelf for a while now and I'm only finally getting around to playing it. I was the most experienced at the game, having played it earlier today at lunch for the first time. Glad I did too because it meant that the rules were fresh in my mind. This is a pretty darn fun area control game with some interesting twists. At the start of the game everybody is playing on the same large area (the uber-continent Pangaea). As the game progresses, the continent fragments and drifts apart, pitching dinosaur herds into the water. Yeah, it's a little silly but the mechanics work really well and it's a lot of fun. I was well on the way to victory when everybody ganged up on me and booted me off of a key continent. That left the door open for Tejas to snatch the win.

Next, Christopher, Birch, Mike M., Kray and I played Age of Steam. This game just gets better for me every time I play it. Surprisingly enough, everybody heeded my cautions about the brutal economy and nobody went bankrupt! I felt I played pretty well but I just couldn't catch any breaks as far as the goods cubes were concerned. I never was able to get in a position to ship a lot of goods over long routes. But Kray played a pretty darn good game and managed to rocket ahead on the last couple of turns. When the dust settled, Kray eeked out the win. Final scores were: Birch 24, Steve & Mike M. 52, Christopher 63, and Kray 68!

Age of Steam is a pretty long game and while we were playing that, I believe the others played Medici and something else. I'm afraid that I can't remember what.


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