Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Last Night Was Game Night - Here's What You Missed

I wasn't able to stay long last night (work beckoned) but I was able to stay long enough to play a few games.

First up was Poison. Unfortunately, I only brought the cards and didn't bring the rules. It had been long enough since I'd last played that I misremembered one of the rules until we'd already played a hand or two. It wasn't a major problem though. I'm not complaining; especially since I emerged victorious!

Some nice group at Microsoft had a catered going-away party on the lower level of the cafeteria, complete with buffalo wings, poppers, chips and dip, and a very nice chocolate raspberry cake. As they are often prone to do, they ordered far too much food so we felt it our duty to help them eat some of it. They were even nice enough to offer us some. What they didn't know was that several of us had already crashed the party. *grin*

Mike M., Jose, Wade and I played Tigris & Euphrates. That makes two weeks in a row that I've been able to get this game to the table and my streak remains intact. I won again. Mike came in a close second just barely edging out Wade. Poor Jose opened by playing two leaders adjacent to the same temple and then Mike knocked BOTH of them out by internal conflict with his very first move, effectively putting Jose a turn behind the rest of us right from the start. He never really recovered. This game just fascinates me. The more I play it the more I like it. I think that I could happily play this once a week for weeks on end.

While we were babysitting our little Mesopotamian empires, Oren was busy introducing Birch to the wonders of Go. If you've never played Go then you really owe it to yourself to learn. It's one of the oldest games there is but more than that, it's a truly elegant abstract game. The rules are very simple but it's got to be one of the hardest games there is to play well. I don't play it much anymore because I just don't feel that I can devote the time necessary to learn to play it well. Still, everyone should at least learn the rules and play it once or twice just to get an understanding of what a beautiful game it is.

I wrapped my evening up with a few games of Bluff before I strapped back on the shackles and went back to work. I don't know what the others played after I left.

Next Tuesday will be another busy night for me so I probably won't stay long. But after that I'm on vacation through the end of the year so I'll have my Tuesday nights completely free for gaming once again!


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