Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Demonstrating everything that's wrong with Christian board games... reports that a Kansas woman has created a new Christian themed board game called "The Kingdom Seekers".

Now let me start by saying that I have nothing against Christian themed anything. I happen to be a Christian myself and our family is quite devout. I think the world needs more family-friendly, uplifting games and I have nothing against someone using a Christian theme (although I do tend to avoid the more preachy ones). But if you're going to make a Christian themed game, for heaven's sake, don't base it on Candyland! What was she thinking? Candyland has to be one of the all-time worst games ever made! It's 100% luck! You might just as well flip a coin to determine the winner and save yourself all the boring card drawing. Ugh!

Now if you want a good Christian themed game (well, Biblical at least), try Ark of the Covenant (based on Carcassonne) or Settlers of Canaan (based on Settlers of Catan). Sure, they're derivative as well but at least they're based on real games!

(Yes, I'm aware that she was trying to create a game for the very young but that doesn't change the fact that Candyland is just an outright horrid game, even for the 3 year old set. There are far better choices for any age group.)

Source: Columbia, SC: "The Kingdom Seekers" is newest Christian board game via


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