Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wait a minute! It's almost Christmas!!!!

Where does the time go? This has been a crazy Christmas season around here. We've been getting so many Christmas orders that I've been having trouble doing much of anything else. Between packing and delivering orders, running over to our distributor's place to pick up more stock, and all of the various Christmas parties my wife's in charge of putting together, the holiday almost snuck up on me. In fact, my wife and I finally got around to doing our own Christmas shopping (most of it anyway) just last night. Normally we're done by October but this year we've just been too darn busy. I almost forgot to even do it!

Yes, this has been a good season for the store. Thank you very much. Keeping some things in stock has been difficult, to say the least. It seems that each season I underestimate something. This year I think the most difficult thing to keep in stock has been either Apples to Apples, Ticket to Ride or Bohnanza but there have been other high-demand items as well. You only have to take a browse through the catalog pages to see that we've got a lot of stuff that's currently out of stock. That can be both good and bad. It's good, because it means that the store will be turning a profit this month. It's bad because I'm sure that there are people out there who aren't getting what they really wanted. I really hate that. I don't run HFoG to get rich (heaven knows it's not likely to do that); I do it to promote and support my hobby. I hate having to tell people that I can't get them everything they want.

Now I'm just hoping that I can find some more time to play some games! The first couple days of this next week will probably be pretty busy but I'm hoping that as the week winds down, things will even out a bit and I can get in a good solid day of gaming with some friends. Hopefully your lives are starting to return to normal as well.

If you celebrate Christmas then let me wish you a happy one. If you celebrate something else then let me wish you happiness in that as well. I hope we all have a safe and happy holiday season, filled with laughter, happiness, and lots and lots of games!


At 1:57 PM, December 19, 2005, Blogger Phollower said...

I'm glad to hear the store is doing well. I love the site and I've purchased practically all of my games from HFoG since discovering your site. Our Christmas week should be filled with much gaming. My brother-in-law will be in town for a week and my wife and I have several days off to spend with him and he LOVES games. We got T2R Europe for him although none of us have played it or the original before. It's supposed to be great so I'm really excited. I know my wife purchased a few games from your site for my birthday (Christmas Eve) and Christmas and she was kind enough to give me a birthday gift early. It was Modern Art which I'm really anxious to try. I haven't played a purely auction-based game before so it will be a learing experience. The closest I've gotten is the bidding phase of Power Grid or Manilla which I'm sure won't hold a candle to a Knizia auction. Anyway, thanks for all the great service and the entertaining reading on the blog. I hope your holiday (whichever it may be, if any) is enjoyable and that you find some time for a few games of your own.


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