Thursday, December 15, 2005

Welcome to my new home.

I've been thinking about moving the blog from its old home on Bloglines for a while now. Bloglines was nice because it easily integrated with their excellent web-based RSS feed reader but as a blog host they're pretty Spartan. They offer almost no customization support, they don't support comments, and frankly, they don't look nearly as nice.

I think things will be quite a bit nicer here on Blogger. As a blog service, Blogger is much more mature and offers a lot of flexibility.

So to those of you who have updated your RSS feeds to point to the new digs I say "Thanks!" And to those of you who are just discovering this blog, I say "Welcome!"

For those of you who use Bloglines, there's a subscribe-to button at the bottom of the sidebar at right which you can use to add me to your blogroll.


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