Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Game Night Writeup

We had a decent turnout tonight, most of the regulars were there, but Birch was home recovering from (I think it was) dental surgery. Hopefully he's feeling better soon. Also, it's been a while since we've seen the two new Michaels! Hopefully they'll decide to come to game night again.

The gathering game tonight was For Sale. I can't remember who all was involved but I seem to remember coming in second. I think Oren was first.

Tonight's first big game for me was Ys, which I played with Mike K., and Wade. This is a really elegant bidding game where players place bids in different areas on the board to achieve different goals. Half of the bids are blind which enables some really fun bluffing and keeps the tension high. It's an extremely balanced game and it worked well with three players (although it's better with four). Mike ran away with the win and I came in with a strong second.

Next we got a game of No Thanks (AKA Geschenkt) going. Actually, we played it twice. I believe that I won both times! That's quite unusual for me. Either I'm getting better or... Who am I kidding? It was all luck. No Thanks is a great filler. It can be taught in all of about thirty seconds and played in around five minutes and it goes over well with just about everybody.

My last game of the evening was Il Principe, played with Christopher, Ben, Jose and Wade. This game is really growing on me. I enjoyed it the first two times I played but this time it really impressed me with how much is really going on here. Our game ended up EXTREMELY close. I came in fourth but the top four scores were all within two victory points of one another. Ben and Wade tied for the top score, with Ben taking the win via tie breaker. Christopher was right behind them followed closely by me.

I can't remember all the other games that were played but I know that Elasund was one of them. I had to cut out at about 9 to get some work done and the others were trying to decide what else to play as I was leaving.

If you're anywhere near Redmond, WA you should come join us next week!


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