Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Game Night

We had a decent turn out last night. Christopher's back from vacation and most of the regulars showed up. And we had a special guest: Christopher's 18 month old son Raja. Cute kid. He looks a lot like his dad and uncle (can't say about mom since we've never met). He was very well behaved.

As an opener we played a full seven-player game of Liar's Dice with my new homemade set. I've talked about that enough lately so I'll move on.

Other games I played tonight included Elasund and Saint Petersburg. I came in a close second in Elasund but I did extremely poorly in Saint Petersburg. I could give the excuse that I haven't played it in a while so I'm pretty rusty but besides that I just don't really have a good feel for when to stop trying to maximize income and start going for points (and last night I didn't even do very well at either anyway). I understand the basic strategies all right, it's just that I'm not very good at putting them into practice. Probably because I'm too lazy to think too much about the math involved. Perhaps if I played it more often I'd have done better. Still, it's a very good game and I enjoyed coming in dead last.

While Elasund was being played, there was also a full game of Ark going on. I've written a lot about that recently too so I'll skip that tonight.

Several of the Seattle crowd played Ben's copy of Star Fleet Battle Force. I've never played it before but it looked like an interesting card game. It's a Star Trek themed game where players battle with cards that simulate different ships, weapons, shields, and so on. I can't really comment beyond that since I didn't play. I liked the photon-torpedo shaped counters.


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