Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cay-chu Night

If this sounds a bit repetitive, it's only because I just can't get enough of these games.

My first game tonight was a five player game of Caylus. Wade, Mike M., Greg, and Darryl joined me. Darryl and Greg had never played so we spent a few minutes explaining the rules before hand. By now I've become pretty good at explaining the rules so that actually went pretty quickly. Caylus with five is a bit different from Caylus with three. There are fewer places to play on each turn and you're much less likely to get to play where you want to. Flexibility is very important. Mike and Greg put up a particularly solid fight and although I won, it wasn't by much. Mike had the chance to force the game to end a turn earlier when he held the lead but either he didn't notice how important that was or he got greedy and thought he could do even better the next round. Had he deprived me of that last turn, I certainly wouldn't have won and I think he'd have come out on top. This game continues to play differently each time I play it. I can't recommend it enough.

Several other games ended at about the same time and we shuffled players a bit. Adam convinced Mike, Greg and I to join him for a game of Tichu. I have to admit that it didn't require much convincing. Greg had played a few times before but it had been months since his last game and he required a rules refresher. So naturally, Mike and Adam stuck him with me because they fear my 'leet skilz'. I've been crushing them so often over lunch lately that they felt the need to handicap me. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) Unfortunately this time it worked. Greg and I didn't do so very well (which was totally NOT Greg's fault). But that's Tichu. Sometimes you get the cards. Sometimes you don't.

And with that game over and the little hand nearing the ten, I decided to head home at a decent hour this time so I could spend a little time with my wife before the day's end.

Other games played? Christopher and several of the Seattle crowd played Power Grid. Mike K. and Adam played the Settlers of Catan Card Game. Lord of the Rings the Confrontation was played. And I can't remember what else but I know there were many more.

We had an excellent turn out. There was no lack of people to play with. Next week I'll try and bring some different games. Come join in the fun!


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