Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yes, Virginia. There was a Game Night.

Sorry for the late posting. I've been a busy guy.

Tuesday night I arrived a little late but I was just in time to join a game of Ticket to Ride - Marklin Edition. My last place finish would indicate that I still haven't figured out the winning strategy but in my defense I need to add that I would have finished with quite a few more points if not for two unfortunate blunders. First, because I wasn't paying close enough attention, I missed an opportunity to connect to a city I needed in order to complete one of my 20 point routes. I only needed to play any single card which I could easily have done. Second, late in the game I drew four long routes. I had already connected at least one of those long routes so I could safely have discarded the others, but since I knew I was behind, I chose to keep one more route. I only needed to connect to one more city to complete that route but the cards were against me and the game ended before I got the chance. Together, depending on how you count, those two blunders either cost me 60 points (assuming I hadn't taken that other route) or 80 points (assuming I could have completed it had I just drawn the right cards). Pity me.

I got my revenge though. Next I played a game of Elasund - The First City and this time I came out the victor. Of course, Wade could have won just in front of me had he noticed that a well placed square building would have given him just enough victory points but I wasn't about to point that out to him! Oh no! I needed my revenge! And let me tell you: revenge is sweet! Muhahaha!

Other games played this week included Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Palazzo, Hacienda and Nexus Ops.

I'm sure there were others and had I written this right away I'd have been able to tell you what they were. As it is, I guess this week's entry will just have to be a short one.


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