Friday, July 07, 2006

Meeples Choice Award

Each year the members of the Spielfrieks Yahoo group (a group of hard-core boardgame enthusiasts) vote on which games they think are most deserving of recognition. They call it the Meeples Choice Award and this year's top three winners have just been announced. I'm quite pleased with the selection. All three are among my favorite games.

And the winners are:

Caylus - basically a shoe-in considering the explosive reception it's received. After all, it's currently rated #3 on and it's only been out for about a year. It also received a special award from the Spiel des Jahres committee who felt that it's deserving of an award even though it's too complex to be considered for the SDJ which is traditionally awarded to more simpler, family games. Truly impressive.

Louis XIV - an excellent majority control game and winner of this year's Duetscher Spiele Preis (DSP). Players attempt to influence the major personalities in the court of the Sun King for fun and profit.

Shadows Over Camelot - the luxurious cooperative game from Days of Wonder. Filled with gorgeous bits and Arthurian theme, this is a wonderful game that the whole family can enjoy. This game was also awarded a special award by the Spiel des Jahres committee for similar reasons to Caylus.

Congratulations to the winners!


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