Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Perhaps if we built a giant wooden badger?

I wasn't able to stay at last night's game night for as long as I would have liked but I did manage to get in a few games.

My only large game of the night was a game of Shadows Over Camelot. I must have played this game dozens of times and yet tonight was the very first time I have ever played as the traitor. Unfortunately (for me), there were six players in the game. With fewer players, it's much more likely that the traitor will win but with six players, most of whom are familiar with the game, my chances weren't so good. I decided to play the fun way by trying to remain hidden throughout the game and in that sense I was successful. A couple of people had their suspicions but were never sure enough to accuse me. But in the end, good triumphed over evil nonetheless. I needed the knights to loose just one more quest and there were a few cards that could have done the trick but fortune favored Arthur and his companions and in the end, even having an unrevealed traitor in their midst wasn't enough to tip the balance in my behalf. I suspect that if I'd just given myself away at the start of the game by pulling siege engines each turn I'd have been much more likely to win but where's the fun in that?

Tejas brought in a copy of Nicht Die Bohn and so we played a round of that. In this card game, one player places a card in the middle of the table and all other players choose a card to play from their hand simultaneously. When all the cards are revealed, the starting player chooses one of the other player's cards. That player chooses one of the remaining player's cards and so on until the final player takes the card that was offered by the first player. There is some potential for nasty play here and I can see why some people might enjoy it but I found it to be way too chaotic for my taste. I felt that I might just as well have been choosing my cards at random. Perhaps it plays better with fewer players but either way I don't think I'll be interested in playing again. Christopher and Tejas seemed to like it though and it's received enough good reviews on "the Geek" that if it sounds like something you're interested in then you might want to give it a try.

I had to leave at that point but other games played that night included Bang! and Rum & Pirates and of course Loopin' Louie.


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