Monday, October 16, 2006

Yeah, yeah. I know I'm late.

I'm about as late as I can be with last week's game night post without missing it entirely. But I have a pretty good excuse (naturally). You see, I've been building a deck.

Here's the story in a nutshell: as you may know, we moved to a new house last summer. Now this is a lovely house but there were a few problems. One of them was the deck. The previous owner had built what I'm sure he thought was a lovely deck. Unfortunately, when it comes to deck construction, he was completely incompetent. I could go on and on about how bad this deck was but let me spare you the trouble and just say it this way: it was not even remotely safe. So this summer's project was tearing down the old deck and building a new one in its place. This was my last week of construction and, knowing our weather here in the Great "North-wet", I finished just in time. I suspect that's the last week of clear weather we're liable to see this year. Anyway, I've been scrambling like mad to finish it up and I've finally finished it. What a sense of accomplishment! So anyway, that's my excuse for being late with this post (and why it's going to be so short).

So last week we had a great turnout and I was able to play several games. First up for me was San Juan, the card game based on Puerto Rico. It's a fantastic game and I did worse than I've ever done. Also played was Aqua Romana which is a pretty nice connection game, similar to Metro or Streetcar. Be warned: the English translation of the rules is horrible. And capping off the night were two games of my favorite four-player card game: Tichu.

Max was my partner for one of those games and he was a real sport. Completely new to Tichu, he was forced to learn the game with three more experienced players and in spite of a few dreadful rookie mistakes, I think he did rather well. I'll happily partner with him again. Hopefully he'll come back for more tomorrow night.

Join us Tuesday night when we'll do it all again!


At 3:28 PM, October 18, 2006, Blogger WorldMaker said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Tichu is probably something I'll see if I can convince the Euchre-lovers back home to try. I had been meaning to read your strategy articles on the game prior to last week, but didn't get to it. It'll make an easier read now that I've been officially introduced, though.

(I missed last night's group, incidentally, due to a higher gaming priority; Sam & Max Episode 1.)



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