Thursday, December 21, 2006

Game Night Recap

Well blow as they may, the winds and darkness could not deter me from attending game night. This time I brought my three eldest boys (anything to get them out of our cold house).

My first game of the evening was the new reprinted edition of Taj Mahal. This is considered by some to be one of Reiner Knizia's crowning achievements. Personally, it's not really one of my favorites. Admittedly I haven't played it as many times as some so perhaps I'm not yet in a position to judge but to me it seems rather dry and relatively driven by the luck of the card draw. I'm sure a more experienced player would find plenty of reasons to disagree with me. I enjoy it well enough though and I had a good time playing. Jason (my second eldest) wiped the floor with the rest of us for reasons that I still can't quite grok.

Next up was a very nice game of Tempus in which I just managed to squeak by with a victory. I've played this game numerous times now and I quite like it. I'll post a review as soon as I get the energy to write one up. It's surprisingly light for a Martin Wallace title but I still enjoy it quite a bit.

It wouldn't be game night without a Tichu game or two. I guess I can't say much more about that other than my team won again. How nice.

Kray (my oldest) played a game of Caylus. I can't tell you what happened though as I wasn't involved. It's still my favorite game to come out since its release about a year ago. A truly great game.

I'd also like to (ahem) "thank" Christopher for loaning Car Wars: The Card Game to my kids for the holidays. At least they enjoy it. I'm sure they'll force me to play it at some time but I'm not particularly looking forward to it. *chuckle*

But on a more positive note I should also congratulate Christopher for having his Pink Godzilla Dev Kit listed by Eric Arneson as his #5 pick of the best card games of 2006! See guys! And I'd just like to give a big thumb on the nose to all those guys on BGG who claimed his reviews were all shills. (You know who you are.) See!? I wasn't just being nice when I said it was a good game!


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