Friday, May 18, 2007

Tuesday's Game Night

Tuesday night was Curt's last game night with us for two years. He's taking his family to China where he's going to work for one of Microsoft's teams over there. Personally, I think he's a little nuts but then aren't we all? Seriously though we'll miss him (and his games) and we wish him all the best. In fact, we even got a cake for him to send him off properly.

There were several games played. Games that I wasn't involved in included Bluff, Puerto Rico, Tigris & Euphrates, and even Chess!

My first game of the night was a few hands of Sticheln. This is the anti-trick taking game where taking cards in your pain suit can be so . . . painful. We had (I think it was) seven players which for me is really a bit too many but it was fun nonetheless and I did rather well.

After that I managed to get involved in a four player game of Shogun. Three of us finished very close at the top of the pack. I was one of those three, unfortunately I was the third. I continue to really enjoy this game and I'll happily play it just about any time.

I finished the night with not one, not two, but three games of Tichu played back to back. This being Curt's last night with us we just had to humor him and I was more than happy to do so by playing my favorite card game until the wee hours of the morning. I won two out of three games despite being so tired that I badly misplayed more than one hand. What a great game.

Come join us next Tuesday!


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