Friday, June 22, 2007

Game Night's Game: Mykerinos

Tuesday's game night was very short for me. I had to go home early to help my wife paint the kitchen. We're nearing the end of a kitchen remodel and she had a party on Thursday and wanted things to look a little closer to done for her friends. Anyway, that meant that I only had time for one short game and Mykerinos got the nod.

Mykerinos is one of my very favorite light-weight area control games. It plays wonderfully with 2-4 players and it's very quick. Usually I can play this game in well under an hour and sometimes as little as 30 minutes if everybody knows what they're doing and plays quickly. This time took a little longer than that since one of the players hadn't played before and needed to be taught the rules. It still went very quickly though.

I didn't manage to get into the museum as early as I would have liked and I also had a minor miscalculation on the last turn. It ended a little sooner than I was prepared and I didn't have time to get all the cubes onto the board that I wanted to. Those two things cost me the win; but only just. I still came in a very close second.

I need to play this game more often. It really hits the sweet spot for me on so many levels: short, strategic, elegant, attractive. Gotta love it.

Hopefully next Tuesday I'll be able to stay for the whole evening.


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