Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mü gets a shout-out from The Dice Tower!

This one's pretty exciting to me.

In the latest episode of the popular board gaming podcast The Dice Tower, hosts Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer count down their top 10 games from 1995. Guess which game is Eric's number 7! And guess which iPhone app he raves about!

It's nice to be appreciated.

Go listen to episode #168. The magic happens at about the 1 hour 26 minute mark.

If you've never listened to The Dice Tower before, or if you haven't listened to it in years, you really ought to give it a listen. It's really grown from its humble beginnings. Today's episodes are highly polished and professional, almost unrecognizable when compared to the early episodes. It's the one board gaming podcast that I still never miss an episode.


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